Friday, 1 October 2010

Two Yummy Summery Salads

Ok so these are both kinda summery ... but maybe you want to bring back a taste of summer for the winter? O:)

First one is a Roast Vegetable Salad which I experimented with as I've been counting calories so not much room for baking (boo!)It's very nice and about 300 calories per person I figured.


Vegetables for roasting, you can use whatever you've got, but I like parsnips, red peppers, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms etc.

Apples - these are lovely roasted too ^^

Olive oil


Basil or other fresh herb of your choice

Crunchy salad (carrots, lettuce etc)


ready to eat Beetroot, sliced

Salad dressing (the kind with oil and stuff not the weird creamy stuff)

Nice good quality ham

Cut the veg and apples into largish chunks and put in a glass dish which is ovenproof, put into the oven at about 160 for 45 minutes, turning every so often. Remove them when they're soft with yummy roasty edges. It might take a bit longer to get them all soft if you use squash or parsnips etc.

Meanwhile put the crunchy salad and the rocket onto a plate and cover with the salad dressing (only need about a tablespoon to be honest so don't go overboard) Slice the beetroot and add to the top and then add some ribbons of the ham on to this.

When the veg is done, take it out and serve on top of the salad :D IT IS VERY YUMMY

Salad two: lemony tuna pasta salad

You will need:

Pasta, about 100g will serve one very hungry person or 2 medium/small portions

tinned tuna (2 small tins)

Lemon juice (fresh or not)

Rocket (about a handful)

Cherry tomatoes


Sweetcorn (you can use fresh frozen or tinned)


Cook the pasta until cooked for about 10 mins ish adding the sweetcorn about 5 mins before the end so it is still a bit crunchy when removed.

Meanwhile mix together the tuna, mayo, rocket, salt and pepper and a good splash of lemon juice. Slice the tomatoes and add those in too!

When the pasta and sweetcorn is done, drain and mix in, then you leave it int he fridge for a little while til it's cold :D